Monday, January 2, 2012


We spent Christmas with Preston's mom and bros then headed to Tahoe to see my fam and baby Lincoln, who I am maybe so obsessed with.
My favorite Baby Lincoln.

Matt, Jules, Babylink

Kes and Lincoln

Niece, Kes,

My Street in Tahoe

My awesome dad made these 7ft snowflakes and they are all over Tahoe. Too bad there's noreal snow yet. whaaaa?? So strange to have no snow in Tahoe for Christmas.

Oh, and why wouldn't my dad get me this crocodile skin purse with a real stuffed crocodile sewn to the front? He would. he did. he's an awesome present giver. We never know what we'll get. I feel like my dad should have his own show. He spends the year finding the most obscure oddities and coolest things. It makes for an amazing Christmas.
Last year, from my dad, Preston got a ship in a bottle, a machete, and a Dexterish knife set. This year all the boys got guns which they could not be more stoked about.

We really had such a great year. 2011 was a hit. I've loved traveling with Preston. We have been to about 30 states since August. And been able to visit friends all over the country. We had a 3 week break for Christmas and we'll head out again on the 10th of Jan. for another 60ish shows.

We spent New Years in Salt Lake at a big dance party.

We got to help throw all the balloons out to the crowd.
I felt real important and more static-y


These guys made theses awesome outfits.
Sewed track suits out of stripper material just for New Years.
I loved it.

Just Preston dancing for 2000 peeps


This super long post is to make up for the fact that i hardly ever post any more, but i'm going to get better at it.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Baby Love

Oh is he not the kissiest sweetest looking baby in EVER? This picture stole my heart. I am so soooo sooooo in love with baby Lincoln. Matt and Julie are amazing. Shauna and I are going to be the best aunts.

Monday, November 7, 2011

i held an alligator

We met these animals and peeps at the last conference Preston played. The conferences are a ton of acts/ cool stuff colleges can bring to campus. Everything from animals, spoken word poets, Mr. Belding or Uncle Joey, comedians, bands and Preston. The conferences are so much fun.

Reno 911 guys. So nice. So funny.

My dream come true.
I really have always wanted to hold an alligator.
I felt like one million dollars.

This is Preston's monkey girlfriend, Mindy. She is at a lot of the conferences Preston goes to. The last time he saw her she sat on his shoulder and tongue kissed him. for real. He has video of it and its one of my favorite things. This time she just stole his hat. I think I want a monkey pet.
This is Halloween Preston. We spent it in Indiana with Seth and Maddy. We watched scary movies and went to a haunted house except I chickened out the last minute and didn't go in.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

oh hey

lets be honest. im not a great blogger.
We've been on the road since August. we got to go home once for 6 days. now we're back out. yesterday we were in Indiana today we're in Michigan. We've been in at least 25 different states over the last few months.

we probably drive about 3 hours a day. and every week and a half we have a big 10 or so hour drive. i get carsick in the passenger seat and Preston speeds without cruise control and gets tickets. so i drive 95% of the time.

His shows have been awesome. He played a conference last week to book shows for the spring and was the number one booked act of the whole thing. He has never played a conference where he hasn't had the most bookings. He plays about 60-70 shows a semester. That's a ton. He works real hard and i'm real proud of him.

My jobs on this tour: I drive, I read a lot of books, keep us eating healthy, find cool stuff for us to do in the cities we're in, find a church to go to when we're not driving on a Sunday. and keep us up to date on awesome tv shows. basically, what would Preston do on the road without me?

TV: We think New Girl is not as funny as it should be and i'm over it. Up All Night is sooooo much funnier than we thought it'd be. like so great and funny. It's the current fav. We tried to watch An American Horror Story. Its real cool and awesome story line and cast, but i'm such a wuss. I wish I could do scary creepy shows and movies, but after the first episode I was so scared and creeped I could hardly sleep, then woke up a hundred times that night just thinking of the creepiness. So I think i'm checked out of that one.

We are reeeeal excited for Thanksgiving. We get to go to california and meet Julie and Matt's new baby Gillrie. I am so excited to have a nephew.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


In the past couple weeks we've been through a dozen states. Preston's shows have been going so great. I get to see him perform every night and every night I still find myself so impressed and in such awe of him. He is so so good at what he does.
We have been in Pennsylvania the past week or so. We were driving down the freeway going a good 70mph, listening to the new Lil' Wayne record. I looked in front of us and saw a good sized chunk of pipe from the overpass fall down. I watched it, watched it and watched it until crashed down directly on our windshield.
For real.
It was like incredible timing.
Teeny glass chunks and glass dust covered our laps. We were so shocked. It hit super hard. And really, it hit in the perfect spot. Any higher and i'm sure it would have gone through the window and hit Preston right in the money making face. We were real thankful for the timing of the whole thing. We went to a car wash to vacuum up all the glass inside the car, called our awesome insurance agent and got it all taken care of pretty quickly.

But really how weird is that?
A piece of the overpass fell down and hit us?
Real crazy, Scranton.
We are here in PA for a few more shows, then New York, then Missouri and on from there. We are doing great, having fun and even though i packed enough clothes for 3 months I think i've worn the same 3 outfits the entire time.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

i love tracy jordan

This fall i'm traveling with Preston. We spent the last 2 days driving through 6 states, eating lots of candy and re-watching season 1 of 30 rock which is sooo funny. so so. Preston had his first show of the tour today in Indiana. Such a great time. Southern Indiana pretty much looks like Idaho except instead of potato fields its corn and instead of bugs that don't glow, its fireflies. Real pretty. From here, we go to Iowa, Missouri, Pennsylvania and almost every state in between. I'm excited to see places i've never seen and get to spend time with Preston. And for season 2 of 30 rock.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Havasupai round 2

This year's Havasupai trip was a dream.
We took a helicopter into the canyon

Best decision I've ever made.
For real.
If you are on a 10 mile (each way) backpacking trip and
there is an option to take a 3 minute helicopter ride instead,
always opt for it.
You won't regret it.

But take a good picture of your humongous backpack
so you still look as hard core as last year.

This is our Campsite. We slept in trees under the stars.
It rained at least once everyday we were there.
So we we're soooo loving our ponchos
and hammock covers made by Preston

He is a problem solving genius.
We had a blast.
Hiking, eating, cave exploring, swimming,
cliff jumping, the works
And, yes, we accidentally wore matching outfits.

We filled our water bottles from waterfalls
you could straight drink from

Teal water like nowhere i've ever seen before.
Havasupai is such a beautiful place.
I love love it all.

Havasupai, I love you and now that I don't actually have to hike to get to you, I think i'll see you again next year, and the year after that and the year after that.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A rescue story

Preston and I were swinging in our hammock
when we saw a bright yellow smiley face scamper across the lawn.
It was this guy.

Really, owner of turtle? a smiley face?

After we decided that it wasn't any of our neighbors' pet
Preston scooped him up in a cooler and we took him to the pond.

He ran to the water and dove in.
He was like the happiest turtle i've ever seen
and not just because of his yellow back tat.

We felt like one million dollars the rest of the day.