Sunday, November 14, 2010


Yesterday in kindergarten...

Little girl motions me to lean in real close then whispers in my ear:
"Mrs. Pugmire did you know there are two kinds of P? One is like the letter P.
P says 'puh'. The other one is like I have to go pee really bad."

Me (laughing): you're right

Little girl: "and I really do have to go pee.
thats what made me think of it."

-Then the other day at recess another girl
in my class came up to me tapping her chin & said:

"Mrs. Pugmire right? I remembered you!!
Want to know how I remembered it was you?...

(I think: um...because I'm your teacher and have been every day for the last 3 months? Or because I JUST saw you in class 2 minutes ago?)

...I remember your earrings.
And I remember your voice."

And I really do wear the same earrings like everyday,
but its a good thing, huh?
Cause how else would my students know it was me when
they saw me on the playground?
ALSO.. We made these turkeys for art the other day. They turned out so funny looking, more like deranged big birds than thanksgiving turkeys. But my favorite part is that without any provocation from me, all the boys cut the eyelashes off their turkey eyes. I noticed it and asked one of the boys if it was an accident.
He said: no, you accidentally gave us girl eyes.

Girl Turkey
Boy Turkey

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Its been a while

I was looking through my pictures today. These made me happy...

First: Preston's little brother, Kason is so into art. He draws constantly. We took him to a local art show a few months ago. He fell in Love with Makana's style.
So Makana offered to come over and teach him some things.
They cut up magazines and drew tattoos all over pretty girls.

Second: Double Rainbow! Right over our house!
What does it mean?
Look at Preston geeking out.

Third: Belly Dancers opened for Preston when he played in Tacoma.
How funny is that?

Fourth: We got to go to SUU last weekend. Preston played with We Shot The Moon. Jonathan is launching his solo career and just raised over $13,000.00 in a month on kick starter to record his album. So cool. People are amazing and generous.
Preston loves Jonathan a lot.
Like enough to dry kiss him.

Last: These little faces.
It was crazy hair day so we took a crazy class picture.

For Real Last: Preston's mom got these aprons
when she married his dad 29 years ago.
We recently inherited them.
mine says To- For- Preston gets -Gether -Ever
And yes, they're denim.