Wednesday, November 2, 2011

oh hey

lets be honest. im not a great blogger.
We've been on the road since August. we got to go home once for 6 days. now we're back out. yesterday we were in Indiana today we're in Michigan. We've been in at least 25 different states over the last few months.

we probably drive about 3 hours a day. and every week and a half we have a big 10 or so hour drive. i get carsick in the passenger seat and Preston speeds without cruise control and gets tickets. so i drive 95% of the time.

His shows have been awesome. He played a conference last week to book shows for the spring and was the number one booked act of the whole thing. He has never played a conference where he hasn't had the most bookings. He plays about 60-70 shows a semester. That's a ton. He works real hard and i'm real proud of him.

My jobs on this tour: I drive, I read a lot of books, keep us eating healthy, find cool stuff for us to do in the cities we're in, find a church to go to when we're not driving on a Sunday. and keep us up to date on awesome tv shows. basically, what would Preston do on the road without me?

TV: We think New Girl is not as funny as it should be and i'm over it. Up All Night is sooooo much funnier than we thought it'd be. like so great and funny. It's the current fav. We tried to watch An American Horror Story. Its real cool and awesome story line and cast, but i'm such a wuss. I wish I could do scary creepy shows and movies, but after the first episode I was so scared and creeped I could hardly sleep, then woke up a hundred times that night just thinking of the creepiness. So I think i'm checked out of that one.

We are reeeeal excited for Thanksgiving. We get to go to california and meet Julie and Matt's new baby Gillrie. I am so excited to have a nephew.

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