Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Havasupai round 2

This year's Havasupai trip was a dream.
We took a helicopter into the canyon

Best decision I've ever made.
For real.
If you are on a 10 mile (each way) backpacking trip and
there is an option to take a 3 minute helicopter ride instead,
always opt for it.
You won't regret it.

But take a good picture of your humongous backpack
so you still look as hard core as last year.

This is our Campsite. We slept in trees under the stars.
It rained at least once everyday we were there.
So we we're soooo loving our ponchos
and hammock covers made by Preston

He is a problem solving genius.
We had a blast.
Hiking, eating, cave exploring, swimming,
cliff jumping, the works
And, yes, we accidentally wore matching outfits.

We filled our water bottles from waterfalls
you could straight drink from

Teal water like nowhere i've ever seen before.
Havasupai is such a beautiful place.
I love love it all.

Havasupai, I love you and now that I don't actually have to hike to get to you, I think i'll see you again next year, and the year after that and the year after that.


  1. Holy cow this place looks amazing! I seriously want to go, maybe I will, I'll just copy wherever you and Preston go cause you guys always do awesome stuff.

  2. So super fun!! I want to go!! Preston is way clever to have made hammock covers for you guys, thank heaven for those and ponchos!

  3. SO GORGEOUS! I am TOTALLY trying to get out there while I'm out west.