Tuesday, August 23, 2011

i love tracy jordan

This fall i'm traveling with Preston. We spent the last 2 days driving through 6 states, eating lots of candy and re-watching season 1 of 30 rock which is sooo funny. so so. Preston had his first show of the tour today in Indiana. Such a great time. Southern Indiana pretty much looks like Idaho except instead of potato fields its corn and instead of bugs that don't glow, its fireflies. Real pretty. From here, we go to Iowa, Missouri, Pennsylvania and almost every state in between. I'm excited to see places i've never seen and get to spend time with Preston. And for season 2 of 30 rock.


  1. If you're near Cleveland ever... come see me!!

  2. yay for updates! i miss you!! and mike and i LOVE 30 rock!! haha we always laugh so hard...that show is genius. hope you have safe travels and a fun time!! keep in touch please!!