Sunday, February 28, 2010


I am an official college graduate.
I feel like a genius or a doctor or a scientist.
Just brilliant.
It was supposed to happen in December.
But the school told me I couldn't graduate because I was deficient 1 credit even though I wasn't.
So I petitioned it twice and was denied twice.
Turns out a couple months later they realized that I really was right, but instead of telling me they just mailed me a diploma. I thought it was a joke.

Turns out its for real.
I framed it immediately and Press and I had our own little graduation party since I missed walking and graduating with a tassel and all that.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Today is a party day cause we are officially
DEBT FREE! We've been listening to Dave Ramsey and following his steps to financial freedom and today is our day.
Zero debt. for real. We are happy.

Press mailed this check to the Department of Education today to pay off ALL our student loans. Such a freeing feeling. We had to document it.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Spent the day in Portland. I am in love love love with this place. Can I tell you about it?
We walked up and down SW 23rd which is just filled with perfect little shops that just happen to be real old old little houses.
Dream land. Lots of thrift shops, food, and boutiques.

And then we found LUSH, the coooolest place on earth. Its a shop of all natural cosmetics and bath and body stuff. All solid products with no packaging. Solid shampoos and bubble baths and on and on... I cannot even begin to describe the amazingness. We spent a lot of dollars there. Couldn't help it. Its not the kind of place that words and pictures can do justice.
Find one. Go there. You're welcome.

This is what we look like in a Space Shuttle (incase you were wondering)

Oh, and this? no big deal, this is just what we look like in infrared. Hot. I know.

We kind of love museums. Last week we spent 4+ hours at the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving point in Utah and we still had a good 2 hours left in us when we had to go. So we spent a half day in Portland at OMSI. Dinosaurs, space, infrared? Yes, please.

Preston did.

This is such a fun trip. Awesome hotels and food every night. The colleges treat us like we're famous. for real. Preston is living his dream. He's playing music all over the place and supporting our little family. I'm real proud of him.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love & Road Trips

Happy Valentine's Day...
Preston started his college tour, so we've been on the road for the past week and a half.
Started in Southern Utah and now we're in Portland. Its been real fun.

Preston played at SLCC for their Valentine's day masquerade dance. This boy asked me to dance. And I said yes cause I felt bad. And Preston was right there so I knew he wouldn't care. so the boy starts trying to fox trot with me and i'm no good at dances where you have to count the steps, so I'm tripping all over the place and laughing. But he kept telling me how great I was doing at the FOX TROT. Then the boy asked if he could take me on a date. I told boy I was married and I thought he knew cause I wear a ring. He got real weird and said that I need to tell my husband that he needs to teach me how to dance cause I was a not very good dancer. and then he walked away.
My thought, was that I need to tell the husband to get me a bigger ring so boys don't try to fox trot me during his shows. just kidding. Kidding.
But the entire thing was real funny and Preston made real fun of me.

We've been listening to so much 90's music on the radio.
Turns out I still know every word to TLC Waterfalls, even Left Eye's rap.
We've been laughing a lot, and meeting great great people.
And eating so much candy.

For Valentine's day Preston had this print made for me. Not this one, but one with maps of Lake Tahoe and Rexburg. He is a genius. I am in love with it and him.

And he bought me this little camera that I love so so much

We'll be out on the road for another couple weeks. We'll come visit you if we're in your town.