Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shouldn't have left you, without a dope beat to step to.

For Easter my mom sent me pictures of my baptism.
I had never seen these pictures before.
It was my favorite Easter gift.

(I'm on the far left with the awesome wannabe Zack Morris bangs.
Which battle Tresa's bangs for worst ever.)

Preston has been touring a lot and i've been loving Kindergarten a lot. I've also been loving Survivor a lot. How have there been 22 seasons of Survivor and this is the first one i've ever watched? It's so good. like scream at the t.v. and geek out alone in the living room good. And I'm still not sure if I love Boston Rob or hate him.
He's one of those people.

Also, this happened...
Its a key. IN my tire

Which is so so weird. How do you run over a key in such a way that it impales the tire completely?

I have just 4 weeks of Kindergarten left this year. Preston has 1 week of shows left. Then we are vacationing fools all summer. We really do deserve it. So far we have a Caribbean Cruise booked. Havsupai permits reserved. A Kentucky trip, a Tahoe trip and a lot of real lazy summer days planned.
Oh, I dream of summer. Or even Spring. We're not feeling any of it here.
It snowed today. really. I don't mind cozy winter, but i'm over it.
Except I do love this winter picture.

We went to the Midway ice castle with Matt and Jules. Preston decided a shirtless photo shoot would be the best decision for him. Turns out he was right.
The end.