Monday, January 2, 2012


We spent Christmas with Preston's mom and bros then headed to Tahoe to see my fam and baby Lincoln, who I am maybe so obsessed with.
My favorite Baby Lincoln.

Matt, Jules, Babylink

Kes and Lincoln

Niece, Kes,

My Street in Tahoe

My awesome dad made these 7ft snowflakes and they are all over Tahoe. Too bad there's noreal snow yet. whaaaa?? So strange to have no snow in Tahoe for Christmas.

Oh, and why wouldn't my dad get me this crocodile skin purse with a real stuffed crocodile sewn to the front? He would. he did. he's an awesome present giver. We never know what we'll get. I feel like my dad should have his own show. He spends the year finding the most obscure oddities and coolest things. It makes for an amazing Christmas.
Last year, from my dad, Preston got a ship in a bottle, a machete, and a Dexterish knife set. This year all the boys got guns which they could not be more stoked about.

We really had such a great year. 2011 was a hit. I've loved traveling with Preston. We have been to about 30 states since August. And been able to visit friends all over the country. We had a 3 week break for Christmas and we'll head out again on the 10th of Jan. for another 60ish shows.

We spent New Years in Salt Lake at a big dance party.

We got to help throw all the balloons out to the crowd.
I felt real important and more static-y


These guys made theses awesome outfits.
Sewed track suits out of stripper material just for New Years.
I loved it.

Just Preston dancing for 2000 peeps


This super long post is to make up for the fact that i hardly ever post any more, but i'm going to get better at it.