Thursday, January 28, 2010


Someone asked me how old I was the other day and I almost said 21, then corrected myself and said 24. And then was corrected by Preston who said
"You're 25." and I didn't believe him.
At all.
There's no way. I don't remember getting to be 25 years old! And then I did some math and turns out he's right. I'm 25. Wow. Strange that I actually forgot how old I was. But stranger that I even am that old. And its not super old or anything, its just that life goes by reeeeal fast. Cause I swear just yesterday I was in kindergarden.

5 years old

25 years old

And it feels like just yesterday Jules and I were kids and when I would get mad at her i'd bite my arm as hard as I could then go and show my mom what 'Julie did to me'. And when she got mad at me she'd convince me how cool it would be to
cut off all my eyelashes. So I did it...Turns out it was a trap and I looked real creepy for a while. But then we'd hug and make up and be best friends again.

Crazy how fast the years are going by. its 2010! Its the future. Remember when kids didn't have cell phones (except for Zack Morris to order pizza from class) and the only computer game was Oregon Trail? Remember when Troll dolls were the shiz.
And Pogs? how many did you have?
Man, I'm all growns up and it just happened real fast.

Life is so cool. I'm really really grateful for it.
So many experiences and I'm really thankful that we have brains to record and remember them all so we think back and smile.
I can't sleep. Press is out of town. I'm just looking at old pictures and remembering old times and friends and feelings and places. And I love it. And I love now a days too.
A lot. And I'm real excited for future days and then now will be the past memory times that i'll think back on and smile about.
I feel good about everything. And I feel like I get life again.
The purpose of life is to learn. Thats it. We're just here to learn and have experiences that will help us remember the love and perfection we came from.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Prison Break

Maybe Preston and I are addicted to this show.
Have you seen it? Maybe I woke up Friday morning and had no clue what day of the week it was because it seems like all we've been doing is watching Michael Scofield be awesome and all the days kinda just blend together. And I know that the last 2 seasons get kinda weird and lame, but the first 2 are so so good. Trust me.
And lets be honest. Coolest tattoo ever.
I'd trade it for the Guns N Roses one I got when I was 16 any day.
Embarrassing huh?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Just one of those no good days and maybe everyone needs one of these every once in a while to appreciate the real good days. But i feel like i don't even get anything about anything anymore. And my hair looks like this today. Maybe worse.

Monday, January 11, 2010

My Awesome Husband part II

Not only is Preston a talented musician, he does decorative concrete as well.
Its incredible.
He does it all. Let me show you

Step 1: Pour a circle of concrete. Stamp it up for texture,
Then draw and cut out a geometric pattern free hand. For reals

Step 2:Acid stain one color at a time

Step 3: Cure seal it

Step 4: Pretty huh? now, take a drive across your awesome stained, stamped,
Preston Pugmire original concrete driveway.

Here's the before shot of the project

And he comes home looking like this. Love that dirty face.

Impressive huh?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Awesome Husband

This happened a few months back.

Preston submitted this video

People liked it, so we got to go out to Portland for a huge music convention. There were about 80 colleges being represented by students who were there to book acts for their schools.

There were about 200 acts there from muscicians to magicians, comedians, slam poets, motivational speakers, and on and on. Only about 45 got to actually perform, the rest just had booths and had to hustle themselves to get booked. But their booths were insane. Huge flat screen tv's playing their stuff, Some people had couches in their space, banners, free jump drives, food, everything awesome you could think of. Preston by far by far had the ugliest booth. See. And its extra funny, cause that website doesn't even exist.

Press had 5 minutes to play for the colleges. And he killed it. Our ugly booth was bombarded with people fighting over dates that they wanted him to come and signing contracts on the spot.
He ended up being the highest booked act of the entire conference

We had such a great time and made tons of new friends.

So, this next semester we get to go on a ton of road trips. And the colleges pay for a Hotel and food. How nice. We'll be in Colorado, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah and even Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Its going to be awesome. Preston is so good. HE is totally supporting our little family by doing what he loves. Music. And he set the tours up so he's gone just one week a month. So doable. And I get to go with him.

We drove to Portland so Preston could play a FIVE minute set, and now he's booked through June. And he'll get to do it all next Fall as well.
Life is pretty great.