Sunday, February 13, 2011

Be my

Can you even think of a better Valentine's Day gift? Its a blow dryer with a
Ferrari designed engine in it!
It seriously dries my thick frizzy hair in less than 10 min.
whoa. usually takes me like 30.
Plus it has a turbo button that'll blow your face off.
really. I feel like a billionaire.
A Ferrari blow dryer? whaaat!
Real cool. Good job, Press.

Plus I got a whole lot of these.
Which kind of makes me very happy.

It was most of the kids' first real Valentines.
They were so excited to hand out and get their little treats from each other.
Kindergarten is maybe one of my favorite things.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Today was the 100th day of school.
Its kind of a big deal. We celebrated hard.
I gave each student a lime green $100
and asked what they would buy.

Which one of these 5 year olds
do you think will be a millionaire?

A Zebra

A Volcano

Jelly Beans

I would put it in my savings account.

A water park, A shark, and a ninja
were some of the other choice answers.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oah I love you Mooah

Happy Valentine's Day. I love Love. And i love love this.

All of it.

And I can't stop singing it.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Don't don't play with your food.

Preston just bought this for his friend Olive.
Ms. Food Face -Dinner Meets Dress-up Plate.
I'm insanely jealous.
I feel like i'm not too old for a present like that.
So what if Olive is 6 and i'm 26.
I'm just saying.
How much cooler would any meal be eating off one of these?
My birthday. I want one.

He seriously loves her.
He gets to see her and her fam when he goes to
New York which, the last couple months,
has been more often than he's been in Idaho.
Press + Olive= BFF.
Especially after she receives that plate in the mail.

Olive got a plate, but I did just get to spend the best weekend maybe in ever with Press. Next post.
It was so fun to be together after a couple weeks apart.
So fun.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

what's cooler than being cold

NEGATIVE 20 degrees this morning. -32 with wind chill. For real. 15+ districts in SE Idaho closed school. not mine. Ridiculous. Just picture those tiny little kids walking to the bus stop. Freeeeezing. My ears almost fell off my head just walking from the car to the building.
The good news is: Punxsutawney Phil
did NOT see his his shadow - predicting an early spring.
Which I love the idea of.
Today in kindergarten a boy told me that he was sad about
Phil seeing his shadow cause he loves winter.
Not because of sledding and hot cocoa and snowmen.
...Because he can see where his dog pees so he knows where not to walk.