Thursday, September 1, 2011


In the past couple weeks we've been through a dozen states. Preston's shows have been going so great. I get to see him perform every night and every night I still find myself so impressed and in such awe of him. He is so so good at what he does.
We have been in Pennsylvania the past week or so. We were driving down the freeway going a good 70mph, listening to the new Lil' Wayne record. I looked in front of us and saw a good sized chunk of pipe from the overpass fall down. I watched it, watched it and watched it until crashed down directly on our windshield.
For real.
It was like incredible timing.
Teeny glass chunks and glass dust covered our laps. We were so shocked. It hit super hard. And really, it hit in the perfect spot. Any higher and i'm sure it would have gone through the window and hit Preston right in the money making face. We were real thankful for the timing of the whole thing. We went to a car wash to vacuum up all the glass inside the car, called our awesome insurance agent and got it all taken care of pretty quickly.

But really how weird is that?
A piece of the overpass fell down and hit us?
Real crazy, Scranton.
We are here in PA for a few more shows, then New York, then Missouri and on from there. We are doing great, having fun and even though i packed enough clothes for 3 months I think i've worn the same 3 outfits the entire time.