Monday, July 19, 2010


We spent a long weekend in Arizona to visit family
It was a mild 115 degrees
and it maybe got down to 95 at night
Press took extreme measures to keep cool on the drive down:
yes, that's a wet sock draped over his hot face
and yes he took his shirt off
and rolled it up in the window to block the sun
and yes the car was air conditioned,
but not enough for Preston

Despite the hellish heat, we loved every second of it.
we got to go to Kyle and Jillie's sealing and reception.
We love them madly.
Their reception was one of the best:
mustaches on a stick for photos,
a candy land emporium center piece
where you got to fill yourself a bag full of treats.
an ice cream bar with heart shaped scoops and toppings galore
great music and dancing.
I love weddings.

We stayed with the Kemptons,
Preston's mission presidents.
The kindest people in ever.
President Kempton cooked us breakfast every morning
and Sister Kempton made us a huge basket of treats for our room
Our bed was so high off the ground
there was a stair case to get into it
We felt like royalty
Thank you, Kemptons.

We went to a Diamondbacks/Dodgers Baseball game
The Diamond backs are the worst baseball team
Its just true
They are really bad &
baseball is a really long game.
but the game was really great
because it ended by the roof of the stadium splitting open
and fireworks going off.

We love you, Arizona.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Preston had summer flowers sent to me
cause he said i'm real summery and real pretty
I think he's real nice
and i'm real glad I married him

Monday, July 5, 2010


Its my Birthday
One of my favorite things about my birthday
is that my mission president and his wife call me
every year.
I've been home for 4 years now.
President and Sister Seal have 10 children
a jillion grandkids
and over 400 missionaries to keep track of.
That is a ton of Birthdays
and I know they remember everyone of them.
They are the best.
Today they called me from Germany!
It was 11:30pm their time and they called
to make sure I knew they loved me.
Thank you thank you President and Sister Seal
for everything you taught me in Oklahoma
and everything you continue to teach me.
You are the perfect example of

My last night in the mission home. Aug 2006

At their homecoming last June