Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Corine and Preston's Halloween Past

Preston's not in this one, but how hot is Shauna's hair cut?

I don't know why its underlining everything i type here. and i'm too computer lame to figure out how to fix it. Anyway, my favorite costumes were from when Julie Tresa and I were kids. My mom went allll out making them. I don't have pictures here, but maybe soon. Our costumes were killer. I think thats where Julie gets her costume making talent. Can you believe that she made these? and these?

3 years ago today, Grandma Bell decided to peace out and make Heaven just a little bit cooler. I was on my mission when she passed away and it was the hardest thing of my life. Even knowing about life after death and the gospel of Jesus Christ, it still super sucked and I might have cried at least once a day for 2 years. The thing that did make it a little better was the fact that she died on Halloween. Like early in the evening so there were still plenty of trick or treaters who definitely got the ultimate halloween spook by seeing a hurst pull up to the house and roll her on out. And i feel like thats how Grandma Bell would have wanted it, just a little creepy and sneaky and reeeeal funny. I love her so much and i miss her to death. Preston and i got to go to the Temple for her a few months ago. It was such a healing experience. The Temple is so real. Families can be together forever.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Porch Swing

I served a mission in Oklahoma. Preston wrote me letters every week. I wrote him back. i would tell him how much i love loved the porch swings. They were everywhere. And it was such a dream to just sit and swing and watch the world.

While I was still out serving, Press wrote me this song below.
Push play for a listen.

And then for my birthday, he build me this...
I'm kind of more than obsessed with it... and him.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Sometimes when I'm bored I like to show off for Preston.
He's a reeeeal great singer and musician. Look at this
I don't want him to think he's the only one with musical talent in the fam.

(can you hear him say 'you are the worst lip singer ever!' in the background?
He LOVES when I make him music lip singing videos)