Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Just got back from the most incredible place in ever.
We hiked down into the Grand Canyon to the
Havasupai reservation.
Dream land.

Preston's whole family came.
Matt planned it all out and it could not have been more fun.
We started down the canyon at 4:30am

I really thought the 10 mile hike would be not too bad.
I've been working out regularly and i've hiked long hikes before,
but this was absolutely killer.
Maybe it was the 20lb pack on my back that did me in
and I think mine was the lightest of the crew's

I felt like a 100 year old lady by the time we got to the camp.
All my joints were creaking.
But it was real worth it.

We hiked through caves and down mountains to waterfalls

Walked for miles through forever green ground to go cliff jumping

stopping to fix my feets

All the boys jumped off the ledge and off the waterfalls.
i took pictures. cause i'm not the jumping off high things type.

We slept in hammocks.
and swam in blue green water.

The hike down was 10 miles, but if you and your hubby and his 14 year old step bro accidentally miss the turn that leads up the switchbacks to the parking lot and follow the river bed instead of the trail for 3 miles in the wrong direction then the sun goes down so its pitch black out and you only brought a key chain flashlight and you're real disoriented and freaking out, then run into another group of lost hikers who just saw 3 mountain lions eating a dead horse so they're a bit more freaked out than you and so you end up hiking in a more wrong direction with them for a few miles before your family organizes a search team to come find you... then the hike out takes about 18 miles plus a few extra creaks in your joints and blisters on your feet.

Bruises on the bottom of my scraped up feet!!

so lately i've been eating ibuprofen like its candy
walking like a gangsta with my gimp legs
sporting slippers

...and dying to go back to Havasupai
and do it all again next year.


  1. Wow! That looks amazing!!!! I never knew there was all that luscious green in the grand canyon!

  2. i love you guys!!!!! i love these pictures. i'm so glad you could experience the havasupai magic! can we please go in 2011????