Saturday, January 15, 2011

A few things I love

-Grey's Anatomy. So so so much. Everything about it. Every week.

-My new glasses. I had no idea I was seeing everything blurry until them.
I seriously spend a good chunk of each day staring at things with, then with out the glasses. It blows my mind every time.

-That Preston gets to record a new record
because his kickstarter project got fully funded!
like whoa. Thank you, Thank you generous people.

-Trips to Tahoe to see the family

-Preston's brother lives in China and brought this back.
Yep buy two Snickers Chocolate bars...get a free battery!
And on the battery itself is a little reminder that says: Do Not Eat.

-Julie's hair. ugh its only so so cute. I die.

-This youtube video

-Kindergarten. Its real funny.
Yesterday a little boy got to miss recess because he called a girl a 'butt jerk'.
It was real hard for me not to laugh.

-Shauna and p.s. I really miss you more than a lot.