Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Tylenol and Aspirin are so 2009. Welcome to the future. The UCrown found at your local Brookestone. Yeah, it a huge plastic helmet with a remote control coming out of the back that allows you to heat your head, massage your temples and vibrate your headache away. PLUS the best part is that there are built in speakers right over your ears where the most pleasant voiced lady meditates you into a peaceful ache free bliss.


Friday, December 25, 2009

Do your arms ever get so cold when you're reading?
Oh, mine don't.
Christmas was good to us this year. And not just cause I got a leopard print Snuggie that came with a FREE book light. Awesome.
We started our Christmas rounds in Tahoe where the gang was bigger than ever
Press got a ship in a bottle, a rifle, knives, Beatles collectables and other manly man stuff from my dad who is so so stoked to finally have him and Gillrie as sons
Thank you thank you thank you mom and dad. We love and miss you already.
Tahoe is so pretty and we are real lucky to get to call it home.
Next stop, Utah with the Pugmires. Tons of family and food. I dared Press to shoot Cheese whiz up his nose and before I was even done with my sentence this happened.
We spent Christmas Eve and morning with Preston's mom and little brothers here in Rexburg. After a few weeks away, it felt sooooooo great to be HOME in Idaho. Love it.
Our brother Cy made us a 'Merry Christmas P and C' cake for christmas.
My brothers
We spent Christmas day in the snow.
Rope swings, sleds, snow balls and friends.
And Jonathon and Megan stopped by too
Such a great Christmas. I love my life. Love my family, my friends. Love Preston and our little Idaho house. I love my Savior and the time of year when we get to celebrate Him. I love that I have the kind of husband that would shoot cheese wiz up his nose just to make me laugh and I super love my leopard Snuggie.
Merry Christmas from our heart to yours.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Oh, big deal, just me and 90's country music star Collin Raye. Beacause my awesome work decided to have him play our christmas party. And I don't think anyone was as excited as me. Collin Raye was everything to me in tenth grade. Really. And I forgot that I even loved him until last night when he started singing and it totally took my heart back to high school and road trips and Julie and Caleche and me singing so loud in the car. And I might have got a little choked up. Ok, maybe I cried. It was so unexpected. I don't think any current artist, as much as I like them, could do that to me. There's something about music from when you were in middle school and high school. It gets real stuck in your heart so when you hear it now you feel exactly like you did when you were 14 and so you're not just hearing music, you're flooded with memories. That's what Collin Raye did to me last night. Man. It was cool. And I got to meet him and take a too dark picture with him. Can you say best night ever? Really.