Monday, May 24, 2010

The Parents

We got to spend Mother's Day in Tahoe with my fam.

I LOve Love my parents. These are just a few reasons why...

Their names are Gary and Terri. Its funny. They rhyme.
They just had their 29th anniversary. Whoa.

They sleep on a select comfort bed, you know the ones where each person can choose how much air to put in their side of the mattress so both sleep perfectly?
This is their bed.
My dad's side is set to like -20 and my mom's is +100.
I laugh every time i see it.

Since all us chillins moved out they have gotten 5 dogs
my dad said he'd have a hundred if he could.

(Sydney, Bosley Beans, Zoe, Pico. not pictured, Spencer, the 5th Bell dog)

My mom is an amazing photographer. She is so passionate and sees beauty all around.
She took this in San Diego on a photography retreat she went on.
Pretty huh?

And EVERY time we go home, she does a photo shoot of us.
This one accidentally looks like a senior portrait session.

My dad LOVES The Beatles. He is a master collector. There is an entire room in their house dedicated to his collection. The Beatles Room. Floor to ceiling with the coolest original memorabilia. He has everything Beatles you can possibly imagine.
Its like a museum.
This is just one small corner of the room.

A few more reasons why I love Them...

*They are super supportive of everything we do
*Whenever my dad finds cool stuff at garage sales he puts together surprise packages to send to Jules and me
*My mom thought my dead grandma (her mother in law) was haunting her through her Bosch mixer... so she threw it away and bought a new one.
She also says my grandma haunted her by typing A55 A55 on to her paper reel calculator repeatedly. She says Gma Bell was trying to call her an A-hole from the other side.

They are so great.
Never a dull moment when we go to Tahoe.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

2 Years

For our anniversary a couple months ago we took a trip to Vegas.
It was a dream. Here's the highlights...

Lazy river at our hotel
Preston got Disappeared and then reappeared by David Copperfield,

We found my twin at Mandalay Bay

We went to the Tournament of Kings dinner show. AMAZING you get to eat with your hands, scream Hazaaaa!! and watch jousting, knight fights, fireworks, wizards and midgets. It might have been my favorite dinner ever.

And then we got to go to the Beatles LOVE Cirque show. Dream. It was so beautiful. The music and the acrobatics and the dancing and the flying girls were perfect. Words can't describe it. We went with our friends Oshri and Inbal from Israel. They were on an Israeli Newlyweds television show and won a honeymoon to America. I think for our 5 year anniversary we will go to Israel and visit them.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Everything is amazing and nobody is happy.

Its great. Take 4 minutes and watch it. Really. You're welcome.

Monday, May 3, 2010


For a wedding gift we were spoiled with the nicest stainless steel BBQ grill ever. We spent our whole first married summer grilling up a storm. I don't think i cooked in the house once. Dream.
Then one tragic, dark Rexburg winter death day, A block of ice the size of a train came tumbling off our roof a demolished it to smitherines.

R.I.P. Grill

And its been a bummer for like a year now. And we probably talk about getting a new one twice a week, but we were so spoiled with the first one that we'd have to splurge quite a bit to get a satisfactory replacement.
Last week we were shopping and our dreams came true when we saw that all the grills were on super sale 1/2 off, plus when you buy one you get a $50 gift certificate to go with it! Score.
So we came home with this beauty.

And the grilling season has begun again.
(Even though it's rained or snowed everyday in Rexburg since we got it. Awesome.)